The London Older People’s Strategies Group (LOPSG) was formed by older people in 2000 to lobby the new Greater London Authority on older people’s issues and is the principal organisation with which the Mayor of London engages on older people’s welfare. LOPSG is significant voice on the London Forum on Ageing and the LOPSG Chair represents London on the National Forum on Ageing.

LOPSG is run entirely by an elected committee of older volunteers and has a membership of over 400 groups representing the wide diversity of older people’s groups across London. Our quarterly open Participants’ Meetings and the annual LOPSG London Older People’s Assembly are popular and valued occasions giving members the opportunity to hear expert professionals and become informed and express their views on issues of current moment.

STRATEGY is LOPSG’s newsletter containing articles on older people’s issues, updates on LOPSG activities, listings on forthcoming events and contributions from members. Readers comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Capital Age Festival (CAF) grew out of the LOPSG Cultural Subcommittee. While maintaining close links with LOPSG, CAF has developed into an independent organisation, a registered company limited by guarantee, controlled by its professional Artistic Director, Paul Margrave, and its board of directors. CAF is one of the principal organisations promoting and fostering older people's creative arts in London. For more information, visit the Capital Age Festival web site.

As a registered charity, LOPSG depends for support on charitable funds and the generous donations of its members. It is grateful for the support it receives from the Mayor of London, particularly in the form of rooms and facilities for meetings.

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