What is LOPSG?

The London Older People’s Strategies Group (LOPSG) is an umbrella forum with members representing over 300 older people’s organisations across the capital. We were set up in 2000 to engage with the Mayor of London on issues affecting the lives of London’s older people.

Our Annual Report 2009-10 provides more information on our work throughout the past year.

Our primary aims are:

  • To develop the capacity and skills of members of the socially deprived community of older people within the area of the Greater London Authority in such a way that they are better able to identify and help meet their needs and to participate more fully in society.
  • To ensure that older people’s views and needs influence all Greater London Authority decision making.
  • To operate as the co-ordinating forum for consultation between the Mayor of London and his staff and committees and older people during the development, drafting and implementation of the Mayor’s strategies.

LOPSG is entirely run by active volunteers and dependent on charitable funding.

What do we do?

  • LOPSG is the principle organisation bringing older peole's issues and concerns to the attention of the Mayor and ensuring that older people's welfare remains one of the chief concers of the Government of London.
  • Hold quarterly Participants' Meetings and an Annual Assembly to enable members to raise and discuss issues they feel the Mayor can help to address.
  • Support the annual Capital Age Festival on the South Bank.
  • Produce a quarterly newsletter Strategy.
  • Work in partnership with leading organisations for the welfare of London's older people.


LOPSG members enjoying the annual Capital Age Frestival

Who are our members?

At present, over 300 voluntary older people's groups from the wide range of London's diverse communities are full members, in addition to a number of major support organisations such as AgeUK, AgeUK London, Greater London Forum for Older People and the Natioinal Pensioners Convention, London and South East Region. Click here for a full list of our member organisations.

How can you become involved?

Membership is free and is open to all older people’s voluntary groups and individual older Londoners. Click here for more details.